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The DEYNA General Project wants to concentrate its activities on a circumscription (the province of Soria) from the global framework of a Program of Action which translates the theory of Sustainable Development to regional and local practice, starting in accordance with participatory democracy and by making people aware, education and ecoethics.

The General Project is made up of, to date, eight action Programs, with no order of importance.

  1. Structural Actions (AES)
  2. Repair Actions (ARE)
  3. Local Agenda 21 (AGE)
  4. Science (CIE)
  5. Education (EDU)
  6. Health (SAN)
  7. Information (INF)
  8. Tourism (TUR)

The Programs establish a coherence between the different levels and areas in which the projects are taking place. The guiding line and starting point is the "DEYNA model of the Local Agenda 21" which, in perfect concordance with the UN's Program 21, is a direct response to the call of Rio to promote and stimulate local and polycentric action.

The General Project of DEYNA is an articulated system of interrelated spheres of action. The projects, which have been presented to the EXPO 2000, especially the advanced ones, must be considered as interdependent actions, with respective local and/or regional objectives and their own design. However, they do follow the guidelines of the General Project as the framework for international action.


Projects on the move

As the project has the juridical form of a Foundation and is an NGO, its implementation has implied the undertaking of those initiatives that, at a low cost, would constitute themselves as the fundamental basis for the reality of future actions.

DEYNA has created a Library in Cabrejas del Pinar (Soria), has published a rigorous Collection of books on Environmental Engineering (11 volumes), directed by Mr. Mariano Seoanez, and has promoted in Ólvega (Soria) a project named 'Guía Turístico-Cultural participada de Ólvega', which has been carried out in participative democracy with its inhabitants (more than 100 people in a municipality of 3 000 inhabitants) during the year 1997. This project had been pointed out by the very "Commission of the Local Agenda 21" of this municipality as the first objective of their Agenda 21. As a more transcendental project at international level, the realization of the "Local Agendas 21" in the province of Soria constitutes a milestone in this matter.

The Soria regional office of DEYNA is responsible for implementing the "DEYNA model of the Local Agendas 21", in the towns of Soria. The remainder of the activities (the Task Force) will be headed up by the Director General of the Foundation, and creator of the "DEYNA model Local Agenda 21", Pelayo del Riego.

The Local Agenda 21, implemented by DEYNA, constitute a new point of departure for the protagonists of the towns which have, since the awareness campaign, been generating the objectives currently being carried out on a sustained basis (with respect for the environment, and without compromising future generations).



Profits will be made by industrial and services groups/companies by participating in the new economic activity generated by carrying out the objectives of Project DEYNA. They will differ from competitors by means of the presentation of prototypes for ecotechnological projects, using the three pronged strategy as the base of the general project, and also by sponsoring a new image.

The local, provincial and autonomous communities will be benefited by the implementation of clean activities and the possible creation of a continuous urban area which could integrate the complex technological corridor with the University and also the visitors to the Museum and the tourism generated by an integrated and expansive program. They will also benefit from the population growth, as a result of the new economic activity, and by the positioning of the region as a launching platform for the model of ecodevelopment to other parts of Spain and of the world


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